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What happens next?

We’re currently working on a final design, having listened to the views of residents, specialist bodies and elected representatives and taken these into account whenever we can. We need to have a final design complete by the autumn, ready to make our application for consent to the Planning Inspectorate, and will let communities know when this happens.

We are currently:

  • reviewing our proposals and making some changes to reduce effects further
  • working with landowners to incorporate changes that they’ve raised in their feedback, such as moving access roads and pylon locations within their landholdings.  We’re trying to incorporate as many changes from landowners as we can, at all times checking the effect that change may have on others   
  • working on a final design for the proposals

Our applications 

When we’re happy the proposals are ready, we’ll prepare our application to the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, via the Planning Inspectorate.

This will include a Consultation Report, to explain what you’ve told us and how we’ve taken your views into account, and an Environmental Statement, to explain the likely environmental effects of our proposal.  

The planning process provides further opportunities for people to put their comments to the Planning Inspectorate so these can be considered alongside our application. We will provide more information on the application process as our work progresses. In the meantime you can find out more about the planning process at the following websites: - process for considering applications for development consent for Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (such as the connection we are proposing). - process for considering planning applications to a local planning authority. 

If our application is approved, we’d expect to start construction in 2019 at the earliest. We think it will take four to five years to build and test the connection, with additional time to reinstate the land and restore it to its previous use.


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