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Other documents

Additional documents which helped us form our proposals.

Project Glossary - provides an expansion on, and explanation of, the terms used across all documents published for the 2016 consultation

The challenge of a subsea connection film, October 2015 explains the challenges of a subsea connection and why, after careful consideration, we're not taking this option forward

Agricultural and Farming Frequently Asked Questions- answers to common questions we are asked about farming, agriculture and how we work with landowners

A study into the effect of National Grid major infrastructure projects on socio-economic factors - an independent study to look at any effects our work has had on local businesses in the areas where we've built a new connection

Electric and Magnetic Fields - The Facts - provides more information about Electric and Magnetic Fields

National Grid and the electricity industry – explains our role in the electricity industry and how we operate the electricity network in Wales and England

Our approach to Options Appraisal - sets out how we compare options and assess the positive and negative impacts they may have

Our transmission infrastructure and its effect on local people, communities and the local economy - provides information about how we consider local people and communities when developing new infrastructure projects

Overhead line construction/refurbishment - information on how we construct and refurbish overhead lines

Undergrounding high voltage electricity transmission lines - the technical issues - information on the technical issues associated with underground high voltage transmission lines

National Grid’s commitments when undertaking works in the UK - our stakeholder, community and amenity policy

Lands Rights Strategy - payments schedule for new electricity transmission assets

Guidance on Lands Rights


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