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Celtic Array’s decision to stop its Rhiannon Wind Farm project means we won’t now need to build their local connection to the existing line on Anglesey at Rhosgoch.

However, we still need to connect Wylfa Newydd on Anglesey, and we still have contracts to connect Irish wind on the North Wales mainland.

This latest change is something we will need to consider before giving local people more details about our plans to connect new power coming into North Wales.

You can find more information regarding Celtic Array’s decision on its website


At the end of 2012, we consulted local communities on our plans to connect new nuclear and wind power in North Wales. We have now published our Stage One Consultation Feedback Report where you can read all the feedback we received together with answers to the questions you asked.

Since the consultation there have been a number of significant changes to the amount of energy that is planned to be generated in North Wales and when it is planned to start generating. You can read about these changes here.

We’ve been reviewing your feedback and looking at how the changing generation might affect or change the options we consulted on in 2012.

We now know we are likely to need to carry out the work on the mainland sooner than any works to connect generation from Anglesey.

We are also currently carrying out further environmental and technical assessments on the corridor choices across Anglesey and on options to cross the Menai Strait without using an overhead line. We will then assess the overhead option alongside the other options, including subsea, and make a balanced decision about the most appropriate option to take forward.

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