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Our latest proposals

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Since we consulted last year, we’ve carefully considered your feedback and carried out more work to assess the engineering challenges we face going under the ground at the Menai Strait. You can now find out more about our updated plans for where the connection could go underground and the technologies we’re considering to do this.

We’re also continuing to carefully consider your feedback on our route options and carrying out more studies. We’ll use all this work to present a proposed route for the second connection between Wylfa and Pentir, which we’ll consult on later in the year.

Our work and your feedback

Our proposals to connect Wylfa Newydd have been through several stages and your feedback has been important in helping develop them. Over two stages of consultation it has helped reduce potential effects on local communities and the landscape. We’re now using feedback from our autumn 2015 consultation to inform how our proposals progress, ahead of another opportunity for you to comment later in the year. 

What our work would look like

We need to use a wide range of equipment to build a new connection.  Our image library contains photos and diagrams that help you see construction of new connections in other parts of Wales and England. It also shows what the equipment we could use in North Wales might look like.  


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